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29th May 2018

This new colouring technique promises to do less damage to your hair

Olivia Hayes

We’re all fond of an ‘oul colour change from time to time.

Whether you want to go lighter for summer or darker for winter, we dye our hair often enough… however, as most of you will know, it can absolutely wreck our hair.

If not treated properly, it can go brittle and break easily – something none of us want.

However, there seems to be a new balayage colouring technique in town, and we definitely want to try it.

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Steven Kamara, Creative Colour Director at Paul Edmonds told Stylist that the ‘coffee balayage’ is perfect if you want to give your hair a break from intense dyeing, and it’s also great for hair dye virgins as it’s not to harsh on your gruaige.

“The technique used to create coffee balayage is called surface balayage meaning that the colour is only applied to the top layers of hair strands.

“Unlike ‘normal’ balayage which involves coating all hair strands, coffee balayage is applied free hand to the upper hair strands only. It’s a gentle technique which creates ultimate shine.”

He continued: “Coffee balayage is a technique designed for brunettes to create multi-tonal, textured looks. The desired look that is trending on Instagram and Pinterest shows a rich blend of browns- especially coffee-like tones. “

We definitely want to try this now.