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21st Nov 2018

Thinking of switching to natural makeup? Why not try oat milk foundation?

Amy Nolan

Thinking of switching to natural makeup? Why not try oat milk foundation?

Deliciously Ella is a big fan of the product.

The natural beauty market has really exploded in recent years. With an increasing number of people becoming aware of harsh chemicals that can be present in traditional makeup, folks are deciding to make the switch to natural products.

It probably all started with the humble coconut oil that really was the product du jour. And with good reason, coconut oil can be used on your hair, as a makeup remover as a body moisturiser and even as a shaving balm.

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Since that craze hit, the world of natural beauty world has greatly expanded. Recently natural foodie, Deliciously Ella posted a picture of her makeup look and it included a lot of natural beauty products.

One of which was oat milk foundation, which we’d never heard of and our intrigue led us to do a little digging.

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Ella’s pretty look was created using an oat milk foundation created by the brand, Ere Perez. The foundation is intended to be:

“A non-greasy, long-lasting cream foundation that provides a healthy, natural finish whilst helping to promote the overall health of skin. The unique hydrating formula helps to nourish and hydrate skin whilst also offering flawless colour with buildable coverage.”

It is an Australian brand that is cruelty-free and none of the products are manufactured using child labour. As well as this, the products are full of natural properties to protect your skin’s beauty.

While you can’t yet order off the company website if you’re an Irish resident, they have a list of registered retails for the UK and mainland Europe and we spotted one called, NATURISIMO, that offers free delivery to Ireland!

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olive oil lipstick in #hightea for a mid-week ‘pink’ me up

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Olive oil lipsticks that promise to “help moisturise and hydrate lips whilst still providing gorgeous, rich colour” and a lip and cheek tint with beetroot pigment are some of the other unique products offered by the brand.

We might just have to do a bit of investigative journalism on this one!

Main Image Via Ere Perez Instagram.