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17th Jul 2021

People are using this hack to make their hair look longer – without extensions

Sarah McKenna Barry

It’s called the double ponytail, and it kind of works.

We all love a good ponytail.

Whenever I’m at a loss of what to do with my hair, I bundle it up into a tight ponytail.

Trying to get shit done? Pop it in a pony.

Going for drinks? Pop it in a pony.

Haven’t washed it in days? Oh, you better believe that hair is going in a pony.

While I know your standard high ponytail will always do the job, I’m not always blown away by the final result, particularly if my hair is looking a bit lacklustre.

Having said that, I don’t have the patience to backcomb it for more volume, and I’m also far too frugal to go out and buy extensions.

Thanks to TikTok, however, there appears to be a very simple hack to making your ponytail look both longer and more voluminous in a matter of seconds – no extensions required.

It’s called the “double ponytail”, and the account @beautyhacks shared it two years ago, although it’s enjoying a resurgence now.

@beautyhacksLife changing ?? ##beautyhacks ##hairhacks ##diy♬ Back Up (feat. Big Sean) – DeJ Loaf

To get the look, brush out your hair out first and grab two bobbins.

Divide your hair into two sections – one on top, the other beneath it.

Pile the top section into a ponytail as high and as tight as you like it, and securely fasten it with a bobbin.

Then, pull the rest of your hair into another pony just below it.

The layering effect gives the illusion of a much longer pony, while the bottom one will push the top one out, making your hair look more voluminous generally.

I gave this look a go myself, but full disclosure, my hair is quite long generally. I don’t necessarily see how workable this would be for shorter hair. However, for medium to long, it definitely does the trick.

Now, the only drawback of this look is the risk of revealing the hidden pony, which, admittedly might look a little odd. However, with enough hairspray, your hair should stay nicely layered throughout the day.