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04th Dec 2019

Time to stock up! Lush have released the most amazing (and huge) bath bombs

Keeley Ryan

There’s still a few weeks to go, but Lush is well and truly ready for Christmas.

Yes, the handmade cosmetics company have been on the top of their game for their seasonal limited-edition items – and this Christmas is no exception.

And there’s one item in particular that has caught our eye: the Amazeball – basically, it’s like a bath bomb filled with bubble bar dust.

Talk about dreamy.

How does it work, we hear you ask? Once you’ve got the bath running, pop the lid off the Amazeball of your choosing and sprinkle the contents into the water.

Then, get into your bath and let the remainder of the Amazeball melt away, much like a bath bomb would.

The handmade cosmetics company have released four different limited edition Amazeballs:

  • Holly Golightly, with “stimulating scents of Brazilian orange and cinnamon leaf oil for a warming bath.”
  • Fly Me To The Moon, with “sweet wild orange and lime oils.”
  • Snow Fairy, which smells like…well, Lush’s Snow Fairy range (aka: bubblegum and candy floss).
  • Don’t Let The Bells End, which has “floral ylang ylang, comforting benzoin, and sweet almond essential oil.”

The Amazeball is a little bit more expensive than a regular bath bomb at €9.95, but  -given its size and, well, the whole bubble bar-within-a-bath bomb thing – it would so be worth it.