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22nd Aug 2021

Cereal milk lattes are trending – and it might change your breakfasts forever

Trine Jensen-Burke

Cereal milk lattes

It’s like our two favourite things about mornings all rolled up into one.

TikTok, of course, has treated us to a feast of viral food trends over the past couple of years.

From whipped coffees to baked feta pasta, we have discovered some seriously delicious treats via social media.

And the latest one might just be a real winner too – especially as it is combining two of our already favourite breakfast things – coffee and cereal.

Trust us, this cereal milk latte is the perfect way to rise and grind in the morning.

A quick Pinterest search showed us there are many ways of doing this (depending on your favourite cereal), but we love this simple recipe we spotted over on @milkteamali ‘s TikTok:

@milkteamalicereal milk latte?#cerealmilk #latte #healthycooking #foodtiktok♬ Why Are There Boundaries – Fkj