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25th Apr 2020

3 tasty “mocktails” to sip when you’ve decided you’ve had enough alcohol

Trine Jensen-Burke


Overdone it on the quarantinis…?

Alcohol sales have apparently gone through the roof since the lockdown began, and experts are starting to worry for our collective drink habits and wellness at this stage.

What’s worse? Alcohol is absolutely not your friend when it comes to keeping our immune systems good and strong – in fact, consuming alcohol too often can lead to not only weight gain, tiredness and feeling down, but can also disturb our microbiome, leading to all sorts of health issues down the road.

The solution?


And let us assure you they are just the ticket to make you feel all sorts of festive – while still staying sober.

Win-win, we think.

Here are three delicious mocktails to whip up, making sure everyone can head into the long weekends ahead with a colourful drink in hand:

1. Strawberry Cucumber Lemonade

This fizzy drink with a sugar sprinkle rim looks like a party in a glass.

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2. French 75 Mocktail

Trust us, this will be love at first sip.

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3. Jalapeno Watermelon Aqua Fresca

This thirst-quenching hit is already the perfect shade of pink. Oh, and it’s delicious too.

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