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10th Sep 2019

5 easy (and delicious) school night dinner recipes to make life easier

On the table in 30 minutes or less!

Dinner time can always be a little hectic, no?

It seems to just be the time of day when toddlers are cranky, older children need help with their homework and everyone is starving, so you are also trying to get dinner on the table.

We all strive to eat healthy and varied, but what you don’t need are dishes that take forever to prepare or cook, because frankly, weeknights are busy enough as it.

Which is why we have rounded up five dinners that tick the boxes of being yummy, nutritious, kid-friendly and quick to throw together. Just take your pick:

1. Carrot Ribbon Salad With Orange Tahini Dressing

I don’t know about your kids, but mine are a bit of a struggle when it comes to vegetables – with some exceptions. Carrots they will eat, and so I am forever trying to be creative in what way I serve them up. This salad is perfect for evenings coming into spring, I think, and taste extra good when served with come rustic bread (or, for my kids, garlic bread, which they both love).

For full recipe and instructions, head over to

2. Slow Cooker Indian Butter Chicken

If you are lucky enough to be in a possesion of a slow-cooker, you need to try this dish. It will go down a treat with the entire family, and will no doubt taste just as good (if not better) when heated up again the next day.

For the full recipe and instructions, head over to

3. Butternut Squash Ravioli with Seared Chicken 

Don’t even think about making your own ravioli – M&S has a gorgeous butternut squash one that saves you tons of time and headace. Kids will love this, and the asparagus and seared chicken gives it a nutritional and delicious upgrade.

For full recipe and instructions, head over to

4. Tuscan Butter Salmon

Not only is salmon good for you, choc-a-block as it is with good fats, it is also quick to prepare, and mild enough in flavour that most kids like it too. We love this dish, and you can pretty much serve it with whatever side you fancy.

For full recipe and instructions, head over to

5. Extra Vegetable Fried Rice

If you are a vegetarian family or just looking for ways to get more green into the kids, fried rice is always a winner in my house. And it could not be easier to throw together. In our house, variations of this dish is often referred to av ‘scavenger dinner’ as I tend to just root through the fridge and toss in any vegetables that are about to go off.

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