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12th Nov 2021

Aldi made a subtle reference to the M&S feud in their Christmas ad that we all missed

Ellen Fitzpatrick

How could anyone forget?

Earlier this year, the most memorable feud of this year went down and we all followed along to Aldi and Marks and Spencer’s very public lawsuit over Colin the Caterpillar.

M&S launched legal action against Aldi for “perceived appropriation” as they said that the German supermarket’s Cuthbert the Caterpillar was all too similar to the classic Colin.

With millions of memes and Twitter following the story’s every twist and turn, it wasn’t long before #FreeCuthbert was trending.

Clearly, Aldi was not best pleased by the lasting feud and after some hilarious tweets, they couldn’t resist making a small dig at the higher end supermarket in their new Christmas ad.

With the beloved Kevin the Carrot being replaced by Ebanana Scrooge, a banana that hates the Christmas season ever since Santa forgot to eat him one year.

While fans were more invested in the new ad and focused more on the storyline, some eagled eyed viewers noticed they made one little reference to the iconic online feud.

At the start, Ebanana heads into a house and on his way in, a small Cuthbert the Caterpillar can be seen getting arrested in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen by two peas.

One person praised the joke on social media, saying: “Aldi win the Christmas advert war, just for Cuthbert’s cameo – being carted off in handcuffs.”

Another said: “Loving the handcuffed Cuthbert appearance at the beginning and Tiny Tom! Well played Aldi. Well played. A feel good Christmas advert.”

A third wrote: “Poor Cuthbert getting arrested!”

While a fourth said: “Cuthbert the caterpillar being arrested kills me.”

Aldi definitely wins this round.