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26th Sep 2023

M&S to launch Christmas Jumper Colin the Caterpillar Cake for the festive season

The iconic chocolate cake roll is getting a makeover for the Christmas holidays.

Marks & Spencer’s is giving Colin the Caterpillar his very own Christmas jumper just in time for the holidays.

The chocolatey sponge roll, filled with chocolate buttercream and covered in milk chocolate, will feature an edible sugar paste jumper decorated with seasonal colours.

Fans of the caterpillar dessert can now reserve their festive Colin for Christmas with a guarantee from M&S that it will remain fresh until at least St. Stephen’s Day.

Colin the Caterpillar has Colin the Caterpillar has been the face of M&S for more than 30 years, having launched in 1990 and featuring on millions of birthdays since his creation.

He has had various looks over the years for St. Patrick’s Day, as well as being dressed in the attire of an ice skater and an elf.

M&S confirmed Colin’s new look for Christmas this year was prompted by the influence of M&S customers.

M&S Food Director of Product Development, Kathryn Turner, said:

“Christmas really is the most wonderful time of the year… and this Christmas, we have over 500 brilliant products for shoppers to enjoy.

“We have developed the range with customers at the heart ensuring we bring them that M&S magic. This year’s party food range really brings the fun, with brighter colours and even bolder flavours!”

For €15, the 660g chocolate roll will feed 10 people, saving the hosts the task and stress of whipping up desserts along with Christmas dinner.