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21st Sep 2023

Hamley’s reveals it’s top 10 toys for Christmas 2023

Hamley’s has revealed it’s top 10 toys for Christmas 2023.

As the world’s oldest toy store, every year the retailer curates an edit of the products that are forecasted to every child’s Christmas Wishlist.

We may only be in September but it certainly doesn’t hurt to be in the loop of what your little one might have their hopes set on before Santa makes his arrival.

While most of the toys on the list will be available in Irish toy stores, Hamleys original toys are only available to buy in-store in its UK locations, as they don’t deliver to Ireland.

1. Barbie Pop Reveal

It probably comes as absolutely no surprise that Barbie is shooting straight to the top of the list for kids as their Barbie Pop Reveal doll, where upon opening, your little one will be met with the reveal of one of four flavours: strawberry lemonade, fruit punch, watermelon crush, or grape fizz.

Barbie is predicted to be just as much a crowd favourite this Christmas as she was in the summer. This doll is expected to cost around the €30 mark.

2. L.O.L. Surprise Magic Flyers

The new LOL Tot characters come with unique and fashionable designs and wings that actually fly, making sure your child is entertained for hours! It features a range of charters in a mystical and magical bottle that shakes, rocks, and lights up when hands touch it.

This easy-to-use toy works by simply holding your hand underneath Sky Starling’s feet to guide her as high as you can. It will set you back around €40.

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3. TY Marvel 14” TY Squish-A-Boos

Aspiring Avengers will assemble everywhere for these plush toys. Featuring a range of Marvel characters, you’re bound to find one your little superhero loves.

The range includes everyone from the Hulk to Groot and Captain America; it is the perfect gift for just €20.

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4. Hamleys Harry Potter Bears

If anyone who is planning a trip to the UK before Christmas grew up loving Harry Potter and wants to pass down that love to their children, the Hamleys Harry Potter Bears may be a great starting point.

You can select which bear your house will be sorted into. Is your child brave and loyal? Maybe they’re Gryffindor. Are they resourceful and clever? They’re surely Slytherins.

This bear costs close to €35.

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5. Beast Lab Shark Beast Creator Set

If you have a little one who loves to experiment, this could be the perfect gift for them this Christmas.

Give them the power to unleash one of two sharks: Havoc Hammerhead or Mayhem Megashark.

This one is more on the expensive side, at around €103.

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6. Hamleys Magic Motion Car

Again, you’ll need to hop the pond to the UK if you want to get your hands on this magic car with dual sensors, as it is Hamleys own. These sensors ensure that it can follow a ball, a hand-drawn map, and even your fingers.

The car enthusiasts in the family will be able to watch the car dance and zoom around like magic for hours of fun this Christmas for approximately €46.

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7. Disney Winnie & Piglet’s Treehouse

Who doesn’t love watching the adventures of Winnie and Piglet? This Christmas, your child can conjure up those adventures from their imagination in their treehouse.

This gift has the added bonus of aiding motor skills and three-dimensional thinking as the different items can be sorted into the treetop by shape and colour.

The treehouse will put you out of pocket by around €57.

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8. Hamleys Wooden Bus

Got a bus fan in the house? What better way to remember your trip to England than a toy modelled after the iconic red buses of London?

This wooden classic is part of Hamleys enchanting range of pre-school toys, carefully crafted with the earliest learners in mind.

The top deck is removable and also features a shape sorter. This little bus will cost you around €40.

[caption id="attachment_433861" align="aligncenter" width="640"] Credit: Hamleys

9. Paw Patrol Movie Skye Deluxe Vehicle

The animal lovers will go barking mad for this new toy. Paw Patrol has taken the children’s entertainment world by storm, and Hamleys foresee this one following suit this Christmas.

Your child can take part in adventures with Skye in the Mighty Movie Rescue Jet and become the Christmas day saviour in their very own rescue mission.

This toy comes with two launchers, exciting sound effects, flashing lights, and a price tag of approximately €57.

Credit: Hamleys

10. Twister Air

Twister has been a game the entire family can enjoy for years, no matter their age. The new and improved version of the game, Twister Air, will now forego the mat and take it to the screen instead.

The reinvented version includes an app-enabled Twister game that moves the party onto a player’s smart device and comes with eight colourful Twister Air bands.

The aim of the game is for players to put the bands on their wrists and ankles, and as the music begins, players will move their bodies to match their bands to the coloured spots on-screen. The person with the most points wins!

This family favourite comes in at close to €30.

Credit: Hamleys