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04th Aug 2023

3 great ideas to keep the kids entertained on rainy days

Sarah McKenna Barry

Brought to you by Wotsits Crunchy Range.

Ready to banish boredom?

Strictly speaking, summer is here, although the weather outside might have you believe otherwise. With the rain coming and going every few minutes, it’s tricky to plan outings, but fret not because there are plenty of ways to keep your little ones entertained without having to leave the house.

From pillow forts to treasure hunts, we’ve teamed up with Wotsits to bring you three ways to pack plenty of fun into these rainy days. And, when snacktime rolls around, pop open a bag of Wotsits Crunchy to share. These tasty crisps are now available in two flavours – Really Cheesy and Flamin’ Hot – and they’re also free from artificial colours, preservatives and suitable for vegetarians.

Ready to brighten up those rainy days? Here are some of our favourite indoor activities.

1. Pillow fort cinema

Grab duvets, pillows and blankets and get creative by building a cosy fort for your little ones to relax in. Once it’s ready, pop their favourite movie on your laptop and you’ve got yourself a homemade cinema.

2. Indoor treasure hunt

Grab some of your kids’ favourite treats and hide them throughout your home. Leave little clues around the house and let them adventure to their hearts’ content as they track down their well-deserved treasure.

3. Boardgame marathon

Boardgames are made for rainy days. Whether you’re partial to a bit of Monopoly, in the mood for Twister, or prefer the classic charm of Snakes and Ladders, cracking out your favourite boardgame – or two – is a brilliant way to not only banish boredom, but to get everyone off their screens for a while. Gather round the dining room table, try a new game and keep the entire family entertained for hours.

Brought to you by Wotsits Crunchy Range.