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30th Sep 2023

Irish toy retailer reveals top Christmas gifts and stocking fillers for under €15

Jody Coffey

We imagine these will put smiles on faces come Christmas Day.

We may only be in spooky season, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t look ahead to the Christmas holidays.

Picking out Christmas presents can be a daunting experience, we feel you. Luckily, an online Irish toy store had compiled a list of guaranteed winners, as well as highlighting their favourite stocking fillers that won’t break the bank. takes a different approach to toys. They steer away from battery-operated toys and any character based or branded toys, instead opting for toys that are aimed at open-ended play, where children are in charge of their play, and parents will love to join in.

Lilliputiens Agathe Baby First Doll

This baby doll is perfect for any little person who is aged 12+ months. It is hoped that playing with this doll will help stimulate the Fien motor skills, empathy, and imitation play as nappy changes, dressing, and undressing are all part of the ways this little doll is similar to a real baby.

Lilliputiens Farm Activities Toy

This toy contains an equal combination of activities and materials to help stimulate little ones in their discoveries and the illustrations tell the story of farm animals, aiding learning and vocabulary through play. Easy to attach to the playpen with the velcro fasteners.

Liontouch Noble Knight Full Costume Set and Liontouch Queen Rosa Full Costume Set

These are ideal for any child who enjoys dress-up and letting their imagination call the shots during their play-time. Perfect for children ages 3-8 years old.

My First Christmas Puppet Santa Claus

A great way to introduce Santa Claus to your baby on their first Christmas. This Santa Claus Hand Puppet has embroidered eyes and beautiful features.

Djeco Musical Box Tinou shop

This music box doubles as a lovely gift and sentimental keepsake. The box contains three drawers to store jewellery and other personal items. Turn the crank, open the doors of this pretty shop, and surprise!

Living Puppets Flob Hand Puppet and Fiesta Crafts Sloth Hand Puppet

For a more imaginative play, puppets are always a great choice. Puppets help to encourage children’s creativity, imagination and communication skills. These social and interactive soft toys are aimed at little ones aged 3 yrs +.

Mimitoys Top 3 Stocking Fillers Under €15

Djeco Animambo Handle drum €9.95

This little colourful and beautifully illustrated drum is easy for little hands to hold and a great way to introduce sounds and rhythm.

Djeco Playdough Hairdressing €10.95

This toy provides a fun and inventive way to play. By placing the play dough inside the model’s head, they can choose to cut or make the hair grow by pushing it through. This toy is specially designed for ages 3 to 6 years.

Djeco Origami Small boxes €6.95

The origami set comes with papers with unique and colourful prints to create and decorate 24 small boxes. Recommended for ages 7 to 12 years.