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06th Nov 2017

This app will let you know when your local McDonald’s is out of ice cream

No more disappointed kids!

Olivia Hayes

Can I get a hallelujah?

We’ve all been there. You roll up to McDonald’s just to buy a McFlurry for the little ones… and the machine isn’t working.

Utter disappointment. Total frustration. Sometimes they even cry.

And while we may not be that dramatic, it’s safe to say that we do get a little bit annoyed.

Well, now there’s a new app that will let you know when a McDonald’s ice cream machine isn’t working… and it’s a gift sent down from God.

While the app, named Ice Check, is based in the US, we downloaded it and it works over here in Ireland too.

If a machine is out of order, the restaurant will come up as grey, and if it’s in order, it’ll come up pink.

Goodbye disappoint… hello, ice cream.

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Images: McDonald’s Instagram