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17th Oct 2023

McDonald’s is giving away free Squishmallows this month

McDonald’s is launching a limited range of Squishmallows.

McDonald’s has teamed up with Squishmallows for this month’s Happy Meals.

If you have a child under the age of 10 then you’ll know all about Squishmallows. Parents will be delighted to hear that the toys now come free with Happy Meals in McDonald’s.

Anyone who purchases a Happy Meal will get a free Squishmallow with their meal.

The Halloween-themed soft toys include a bat, vampire, and skeleton toy available.

McDonald’s confirmed: “Soft, cute, and a little bit spooky… Squishmallows UK has arrived in Happy Meal for Halloween!”


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Squishmallows fans have already been swiping up the adorable toys after they landed in McDonalds stores.

One said: “My kids are obsessed!! We got one already.”

“I’m going tomorrow with my mum. I’m 16 but a happy meal is still on the cards,” another said.

“Ahh yay! Terribly exciting!” another added.

One shared: “Looks like I’m having a happy meal on the side.”

McDonald’s confirmed that customers cannot get the toys without purchasing a Happy Meal.

“Any customer must purchase one or more Happy Meals before becoming entitled to purchase an additional toy in the same transaction.”

I guess we’ll be heading to McDonald’s with the kids this weekend.