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19th Oct 2015

CANCEL THE DIET: There’s a new donut shop in town

Katie Mythen-Lynch

Nothing brightens up a dull autumn morning like the promise of sweet, sweet confectionery, so Dublin’s newest donut dealers picked the ideal day to unleash their sugary, warm offering on hungry commuters this morning.

Aungier Danger, 37 Aungier Street is a new deli with a major selling point: an insane array of decadent donuts made fresh on the premises daily.


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Owner Phil gave us the run-down on each dangerously-named donut on the menu (€3 a pop) as pastry chef Marzh (pictured below) worked furiously to keep up with demand.


Here’s what’s hot: 

The Crime Scene: Red velvet flavoured donut filled with cream cheese and fresh strawberry.


Banoffee Autopsy: Classic fresh banana and toffee, slathered in chocolate and topped with fresh banana.


Dublin Deathtrap: The Aungier Danger take on the Boston Cream, topped with swirls of white chocolate.


Cherry Gunshot: Think all the berry decadence of a black forest gateaux, in a handy donut package.


Five O: A plain donut topped with lemon icing and shredded biscuit


We’re reliably informed there’s a sixth addition to the menu on the way too: a jelly donut is due to be added asap, the flavour of which will change daily. As if we needed an excuse to come back.

Aungier Danger opens at 7.30am daily, slinging fresh donuts (and a tasty deli menu) until they sell out.

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