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11th Oct 2018

Christmas tree flavoured crisps will be a thing soon and we need to try them

Jade Hayden

Doesn’t get more festival than that really, does it?

It might only be the beginning of October but that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t start getting chronically excited for all things Christmas.

Actually, yes it does – it absolutely means that and we’re sorry in advance.

Still though, Christmas tree flavoured crisps will be in existence right here in Ireland soon and that’s absolutely worth talking about.

The Christmas tree flavour salted crisps are the brainchild of the guys over at Iceland, who will be launching the festive treat early next month.

The crisps are made with oil from real-life pine needles, giving them that super tree-like taste which is, apparently, actually really delicious.

We’d give them a go, like.

Just imagine yourself, getting into the festive spirit, sipping a hot whiskey, wearing some fluffy socks, and chowing down on a few Christmas tree flavoured crisps.

Can’t think of a better scenario, tbh.

The crisps will be available for purchase in Iceland Ireland stores for €1.50 from November 8.