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09th Oct 2020

Double deck selection boxes are a thing and we need one immediately

Melissa Carton

How have we never heard of these before?

You know the way we’re always giving out about our devices listening to us and giving us random ads?

Well I’m not complaining anymore, because my Facebook ads just threw this my way and I’m delighted.

I don’t know if it’s because I’m always talking about chocolate but up popped an ad for a selection box, but not just any selection box, a double deck selection box!

I’m not going to lie I thought I was seeing things or misread the description when I first saw it.

Even when I mentioned it to someone afterwards they said ‘are you sure it’s not double decker the bar as a selection box?’

No lads it’s a fully fledged double deck selection box jammed packed with chocolate and I need to get one immediately.

With Covid-19 meaning a lot of us can’t travel and that Irish people living abroad are unlikely to get home for Christmas this year these would make amazing care package surprises.

Also given how much chocolate you get in them it would be worth the postage costs, unlike sending a little one and being charged more in postage than the cost of the selection box itself.

You might even be able to avoid the post office queues altogether as these ones can be purchased from for €24 so you can have them shipped straight from the website.

Personally I will be shipping one straight to my door as selection boxes are my favourite part of Christmas (sorry Santa) so a huge one like this is just present ever!