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11th Jun 2018

Fairy bread is about to become the new birthday cake (and trust us, this is great news)

You can thank Australians for this amazing invention!

Trine Jensen-Burke

We are fully and wholeheartedly love-love-loving this trend that finally has reached our shores from the land down under!

In an age when the pressure on us mamas to throw Pinterest perfect birthday bashes is immense (Hello, crazy amazing Frozen cake, we are looking at you!), this will make you realize that there really is something to be said for the whole “simpler is always better” thing.

Say hello to fairy bread – the sweet trend that is currently making major waves on Pinterest and Instagram.

This is seriously so easy it will bring a tear to your eye. As in: You take a slice of white bread, slather butter on it and then toss sprinkles on top. Done.

Fairy bread is supposedly a huge hit in countries like Australia and New Zealand, and while it (clearly) doesn’t sound very healthy, we don’t think it’s any worse than eating a cupcake or some ice cream – or indeed a slice of regular aul’ birthday cake.

What do YOU think, guys? Who is going to be making fairy bread soon?! Oh, if you do, don’t forget to send us the pics!