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05th Jan 2015

Food trends for the foodies, here’s what 2015 looks set to deliver

We predict the food trends for 2015.

Lauren Tracey

Are you wondering what food trends are going to take the world by storm this year? Every dish has its day, so we’ve decided to take a look and cast our predictions.

Here’s what’s going to be dressing our plates in 2015.

The Dish Poutine

The Canadian offering that started to appear all over restaurant menus last year, and we don’t see it’s popularity slowing down any time soon.

It’s a simple dish of chips, gravy and cheese curds, but with added extras that spice up the flavour. Pulled pork, chorizo, even coq au vin all make an appearance on this delish dish.


The Trend Desserts

2015 is going to be the year of the dessert, in every way. Including having entire restaurants dedicated to them, apparently.  Before going the whole way with sweet-treat-only dining, we recommend you get sampling, and there is (in a cheesecake addicts opinion), no better place to start than with Farm Restaurants on Dawson Street and Leeson Street. Their Toblerone, Baileys and rum raisin cheesecake are legendary. Leave the calorie counters at the door.


The Taste A little sour

It may sound a little strange but this year we’re picking sour over sweet. Fermented and pickled foods, and flavourings are becoming very popular with chefs; bringing that sour edge to plates. If you’re keen to try this trend keep an eye out for condiments like chamoy, sumac and green-mango powder to get a little adventurous in the kitchen.

We’re loving this tangy cabbage slaw, made with lemon zest, vinegar and whole grain mustard for a zesty kick.


The Cuisine Spanish

You can’t turn a corner these days without seeing a new tapas restaurant opening up, and, it seems, we’re loving it.

Spanish ingredients like chorizo and Manchego cheese, previously the reserve of gourmet food emporiums are now easily available.

We love the intense flavours in this Spanish tomato salad, find the recipe here.


The Drink The Mexian Mai Tai

2015 is going to be the year of the Mexican Mai Tai. Substituting the rum for a splash of tequila, and channelling those zesty Mexican flavours can make your cocktail pack a hell of a punch.
We can practically see the post BBQ cocktails now…


Images via BBC Good Food.