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14th May 2019

Frank and Honest to sell €3 cold brews in SuperValu and Centra stores nationwide

It's the season for a cold brew.

Denise Curtin

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Summer is here and the sun is shining.

If the current climate has you prepping the next three months of festivals, holidays and days spent basking in the sun, then join the club. The weather has put a smile on our faces and has truly kicked off our favourite season.

And what better way to mark the temperature heating up than with an iced coffee. Iced coffees and Aperol Spritz are the two beverages that mark the new season and although we wish we could sip an Aperol all day long, the chances of getting fired are too high and so, we’ll settle for a cold brew.

Frank and Honest, the lads behind the gorge coffee you get in SuperValu and Centra have created three new coffees which are all cold brews for the summer months – holla.

Cold brew original, mocha and coconut are the three new flavours and the range is made from a single origin Colombian arabica coffee, selected and roasted for its natural chocolate and caramel notes. It is immersed in a bath of cold spring water for 20hrs to slowly extract the clean and smooth coffee flavours.

Frank and Honest Cold Brew range is available in select Supervalu and Centra stores nationwide at an RRP of €3.