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01st Oct 2018

This genius trick will make your shop-bought salad taste SO much better

When it comes to foods that – in my eyes –are total lifesavers, ready-bagged salads feature pretty high up on that list.

I mean; they are easy, healthy, and so genius and handy to customise into pretty much whatever you want. Add nuts or cheese or meats or serve as a side to anything from burgers to a BBQ; those little packets of ready-prepared salad are your best friend.

The thing is, though, and I am sure we have all experienced it: Once opened, your salad can go from crisp to floppy very quickly, and if you hate throwing out food as much as I do, you too will go ga-ga for this handy tip that promises to help you keep those leaves fresh for lots longer.

Enter Marie Saba’s Instagram:

Just add a paper towel and all that pesky moisture that destroys your fresh lettuce is absorbed—and voila—your salad leaves will stay fresh for much longer.

So. Freaking. Simple.