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23rd May 2020

The gin and tonic popsicles that are about to save your lockdown summer

Trine Jensen-Burke

Is G&T your lockdown tipple of choice?

Well, then you are probably not alone.

And while we have already tried turning everyone’s favourite summer tipple into both tarts and macaroons, this latest recipe have our collective hearts beating even faster when we think about summer BBQ’s and lazy afternoons spent in the sun.

I mean; there is nothing as refreshing as a cool gin and tonic in the first place. And then – wait for it – there is the popsicle version, and voila; you have just taken your G&T game to a whole new level.

Seriously; we know what we’ll be licking on come summer. Who’s with us?!

(Note: The cucumber in this recipe is optional, but makes the popsicles more fun to look at, we think.)

Gin and tonic popsicles

  • 3 cups tonic
  • 1½ oz gin
  • ¼ lime, juiced
  • ½ cup cucumber slices

For instructions on how to make these delicious frosty treats, head over to

Note: Because of the gin, these popsicles they don’t freeze quite as well as a ‘normal’ popsicle. They still stay solid, but they might melt a little faster than normal. (Don’t worry, you won’t take too long to eat it, anyway!)