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31st Dec 2016

This Was Hands Down Our FAVOURITE Thing About 2016 (Hint: It’s AMAZING)

Trine Jensen-Burke

Let’s all agree that as far as 2016 is concerned, it was – in many ways – a pretty shitty year.

But if we had to pick one thing that despite all the grim and gloom gave this year a little sparkle and magic, it would have to be the unicorns everywhere trend.

Yup, that’s right. Unless you have been living under a unicorn-proof rock these past 12 months, you will have realized that 2016 was, in fact, colurful AF. I mean; this year saw us embracing pretty much anything rainbow-coloured and unicorn-themed, from hair to hot chocolate, and guess what? We are rooting for this to continue long into 2017 – and then some.

Behold, the most magical trend of all.

1. Unicorn Birthday Cake

Who in their right mind would want to celebrate their birthdays with anything but a unicorn cake from Dublin bakery Sweet Republic?!


2. Unicorn Hair

I mean, who wouldn’t want to look like a real-life version of My Little Pony?

3. Unicorn Hot Chocolate

Yes, mamas, Unicorn Hot Chocolates are a thing, and this magical concoction will forever more be our most favourite beverage.

4. Unicorn Eyeliner

Go on and be the magical, mystical, creature that you are!

5. Unicorn Bagels

If you just scoffed a boring bowl of cheerios (yawn!) or, worse, sanctimoniously ate a smoothie bowl (double-yawn) before leaving the house this morning, look away now.

Unicorn bagels are here and we are literally willing to cross the rainbow to get our hands on some!

6. Unicorn Ice Cream

Tell us you are not DYING to eat this every day for the rest of your life?!

Find this magical recipe here.


7. Unicorn Clothing

Are you ready to take over the universe, gallop through the galaxies or linger in daisy fields? You just need the right unicorn outfit, and you are there. The high street is brimming with unicorn everything these days, but we are seriously loving this unicorn onsie from


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