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26th Aug 2018

YUMMY: Ben & Jerry’s is releasing a new cookie dough snack


Denise Curtin

Hello God, is that you?

Because someone up above is certainly listening to us and our prayers.

Our prayer is that Ben & Jerry’s give us more of that delish cookie dough we often dig through the ice cream to find, leaving the rest of the product behind just to get our paws on that tasty dough.

Well NOW… there will be no more diggin’. Ben & Jerry’s announced that it’s trialling two new products which involve nothing else BUT cookie dough. Hallelujah.

The products “chocolate chip cookie dough chunks” and “peanut butter chocolate chip cookie dough chunks” are currently only available in Vermont US (the home of B&J), but rest assure as if they’re a hit there, we’ll soon see them everywhere.


This news follows last week which was that Ben & Jerry’s is replacing the cone, the wafer and the cup for a bagel and slapping some ice cream in the centre to create yep, you guessed it, the “ice cream bagel”.

Launching in London next month, the product will be available in two flavours – the Birthday bagel and the Hola cara-moley flavour bagel.

Tempted? We could be too.