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23rd Apr 2018

This brilliantly lazy life hack will help when you’re waiting for food to cook

So simple, yet so clever, yet so lazy.

Food is great, there’s no doubt about it.

Preparing food can also be great. There is something deeply satisfying about sitting down to enjoy a meal you prepared yourself from scratch, having spent hours slicing and dicing, boiling and frying, roasting and toasting, eventually serving and finally eating.

But sometimes, you just want to eat the fucking food.

Waiting around for water boil or hanging about to see if whatever you’ve put in the oven is done is a ballache. There’s nothing fun about waiting; it’s basically time you could have spent doing something else, but instead you had to spend it doing nothing just in case something happens.

Well there’s an ingenious solution to this, and it has been perfectly demonstrated by a dude named Justin.

This is some next-level shit. Some next-level lazy shit, yes, but it there can be no doubt about the nextness of this level.

Set up a spare iPhone (if you have a spare iPhone, and at this stage in Apple’s slow but inevitable takeover of the world, it’s possible that you do), then just call it on FaceTime so you can see what’s happening in the pan while you do something fun, like watch TV in the other room.

You may have seen this technique executed in a similar way before…

Also genius. Also incredible. Now yes, you could just set a timer to remind you to go and check on it, but that still means running the risk of getting up and your food not being ready. Why take the risk? Why not play it safe? Why not play it like a genius?


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