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12th Dec 2019

Krispy Kreme has released a range of ultra-indulgent Christmas donuts and yeah, drool


Denise Curtin

These are just mega.

If you’ve never had a Krispy Kreme donut then it’s time to get yourself to Blanchardstown.

Take your sweet ride to that drive-thru or, if you’ve got human clothes on unlike me when I rock up in pyjamas to receive the goods via my car window, why not sit inside.

The donuts are good, the coffee is stunning and now, the menu has just got bigger but, for a limited time only.

Krispy Kreme has added three new donuts to the menu, all featuring Lotus Biscoff filling and take our word, they’re outstanding.

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The first donut is called the Speculoos Shimmer Parcel, filled with a Lotus Biscoff Kreme filling and hand dipped in Lotus Biscoff spread.

The donut is then finished with gold shimmer icing and some Biscoff crumb.

Krispy Kreme has also released a white chocolate version of the Speculoos Shimmer Parcel – called the White Chocolate Shimmer Parcel, featuring the same filling but with white chocolate and white chocolate icing – mmmm.

Lastly, there’s the Festive Cherry Parcel with a fruity cherry centre. Featuring no Biscoff in this one, the donut is then hand dipped in strawberry icing and finished with white icing and gold shimmer.

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And for new drink offerings that are perfect for indulging this season… why not try a Speculoos White Hot Chocolate, which is a rich white hot chocolate infused with Speculoos syrup, finished with cream and Lotus Biscoff crumb has also been added to the menu.

Don’t walk, run (or drive) to Krispy Kreme before December 29.