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18th Dec 2017

We have a lot of grá for the Tayto crisp make over

And this time, it's here to stay.

We love this!

Tayto has just got an Irish upgrade, and this time it’s here to stay. Back by popular demand, the crisp packets will be as Gaeilge.

While the original titles of the crisps will remain, a new additional Irish translation will feature on the packets.

This is how they will read:

Cheese & Onion – Brioscáin Phrátaí Faoi Bhlas Cáise & Oinniúin

Salt & Vinegar – Brioscáin Phrátaí Faoi Bhlas Salainn & Finéagair

Smokey Bacon – Brioscáin Phrátaí Faoi Bhlas Bagúin Dheataithe

Prawn Cocktail – Brioscáin Phrátaí Faoi Bhlas Manglaim Cloicheán

The Irish packaging will feature on over 31 million bags sold here in Ireland and will bring Gaeilge to over 1 million Tayto fans living abroad.

Speaking about the change, the company has said:

“Mr. Tayto hopes to add the Irish language to more of his crisps and snacks bags in the future. The change has come following 2 years of promotional campaigns featuring the Irish language and now this Irish upgrade to packs is here to stay!”