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18th Aug 2020

Move over, cheese boards – fries boards are what we’re serving this summer

Trine Jensen-Burke

How come no-one ever thought of this before?!

Hosting a BBQ this summer? Having a few friends over for a few casual ones? Sitting around the gaff on your own on these long summer night? You might just be grazing on a totally different kind of snack food.

According to New Idea Food ‘Fries Boards’ are emerging as the hot new entertaining craze of 2020, and will see us all putting together the most delicious grazing platters featuring all things potato-related – you know, chips. All sorts and shaped and flavours of chips.

And by God are we here for it.

To mix it up and keep things interesting, the boards should contain a mix of chips, such as for instance waffle fries, wedges, sweet potato fries, parsnip fries, crinkle-cut fries, skinny fries and more.

What else do you add? Just a bunch of things you can dip your chips into, of course.

Think aioli, mayo, mustard, hummus, dressing, tomato sauce and chilli sauce. Or whatever else you fancy.

And sure look, we know cheese boards are easy enough to throw together, while still managing to look impressive. But life just got even easier with these fries boards, trust me.

All you need to do basically is put on a lot of different chips to cook at the same time, when done tip them onto a tray, add in your dips, and voila; you are good to go.

So, dinner for one, anyone?