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26th Feb 2018

Mum sparks debate over experiment she claims ‘proves breast is best’

Jade Hayden

jessica wilson

A mum has sparked a debate over an experiment she carried out using breastmilk and formula.

Jessica Wilson claimed that her project proved “breast really is best” and that “boobs are magical.”

The experiment involved using two petri dishes containing bacteria – one soaked in breastmilk, the other soaked in formula.

Wilson said that the investigation showed that the dish containing the breastmilk fought off most of the bacteria present.

The dish containing the formula “… had no effect and the bacteria has completely over run the plate, even moving the disks.”

The mum shared a photo on Facebook of the results of her investigation.

She wrote that the dish on the left showed were the breastmilk “fought off” the Micrococcus luteus bacteria.

“Proof boobs are magical and breast really is best! Be proud of what you’re giving your babies,” she said.

Wilson’s post has been shared over 14,000 times, with almost 3,000 commenting on the post.

Many of the comments are positive, commending the mum for her efforts and celebrating all that the female body can achieve.

Some users even began tagging other mums, saying that they would enjoy the post.

However, others believed that the experiment was posted to make those who couldn’t breastfeed – or who chose not to – feel bad about how they were bringing up their children.

“Fed is best. Sick of this war between breast vs formula. As long as babies are being fed we are doing a good job!!!!” argued one mum.

“Many women can’t produce enough or keep up with breastfeeding. FED IS BEST! women don’t need to feel lesser then if they can’t breastfeed,” echoed another.

One user believed that the investigation’s results were definitely worth sharing, whether you choose to breastfeed or not.

They said:

“Great encouragement for those who can breastfeed. For those who can’t, continue doing the best you can, great there are alternatives.

“For those who choose not to, this awareness should be part of your decision-making process.”

What do you think – is it worth all mums knowing these things whether they breastfeed or not? 

Let us know in the comments.