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09th Oct 2017

This mum’s trick for peeling a mango is absolutely genius

We're definitely trying this.

We’re definitely trying this.

Although mangoes are delicious, they’re an absolute nightmare to peel. You can have half of a mango successfully peeled before you start to run into difficulty.

The texture of the mango is hard to control and it usually ends up slipping out of your hand before you have the entire skin removed.

It might not be so hard any more. This mum has decided to share her hack for removing the skin from the pesky fruit and all you need is a wine glass to do so.

Australian celebrity Rachael Finch took to Instagram to share a video of her removing the skin by using the edge of a wine glass.

She explained that when she was competing in Masterchef, she was taught the trick by a local restaurant. All you do is slide the mango down the edge of the glass as you remove the skin.

Just look how easy it is: