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28th Dec 2015

Nerd dad makes us all feel lazy with these Star Wars lunchbox creations

Sophie White

San Fransisco dad, Beau Coffron is seriously upstaging us all in the lunchbox sculpture stakes.

The father-of-three has been amusing us all over on his blog with his witty take and fun guides to parenthood. Beau shares his tutorials and how-tos weekly and the best bit is that his creations are actually pretty healthy. Bonus.

Beau is clearly facing the predicament that many of us are currently dealing with: How do I make my kids love Star Wars as much as I do??? It’s a tough question. I kicked off the Christmas holidays with a Star Wars marathon, and my (admittedly 2-year-old) son was having NONE of it. Devastating. I’m accepting defeat this year but will be persevering (in much the same way that my own father force-fed me Clint Eastwood films as a child).

Beau’s approach is pretty impressive: He created a series of Star Wars bento lunchboxes that put my car birthday cake to shame…

Peanut butter and Nutella Chewbacca:

lunch4 lunch3 lunch2 lunch1