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12th Feb 2021

Nespresso has brought out their first organic coffee capsules – and they are delicious

Trine Jensen-Burke

Nespresso Master Origin Peru Organic

If you are anything like us, your Nespresso machine has been your #1 lockdown lifesaver.

I mean; I dread to think how I would have coped during that first lockdown, when even coffee shops were closed, had it not been for my Nespresso machine and those frothy morning oat lattes. They literally saw me through those rough weeks of homeschooling and WFH back in spring.

My favourite thing about Nespresso is how flipping easy it all is – and the convenience of ordering the pods online is just a dream.

I have many favourite ones, but right now, I am loving the brand new Nespresso Master Origin Peru Organic – Nespresso’s first venture into organic coffee.

High up in the Andes mountains, above 1000 meters, Nespresso found their latest coffee beans. Grown with the meticulous care of smallholder farmers, Peru Organic is an elegant, fruity coffee, and honestly one of the best ones I have ever tasted.
Nespresso Master Origin Peru Organic is a single origin specially roasted to highlight the bright and smooth character of the coffee, while revealing an exotic fruitiness. Each cup is accented by smooth toasted cereal notes with floral aromas and rich sweetness.
And while Master Origin Peru Organic is best served black as an espresso or lungo cup size, coffee lovers can also enjoy as a Latte Macchiato thanks to its well-balanced, milky character and sweet caramel, nutty tones.

Nespresso Master Origin Peru Organic is available as a limited edition in Original and permanently on Vertuo now online and soon in the Nespresso boutiques (once fully re-opened).