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21st Mar 2017

Nineties cereals just got an upgrade and we are a nostalgic mess

Katie Mythen-Lynch

Invented at a time when it was completely cool for kids to eat nothing but sugar and food colouring for breakfast, Nineties cereals were the best.

In fact, we can only think of one way they could really be improved but it turns out one US speciality donut shop is already ahead of the game.

PV Donuts in Providence, Rhode Island is using the best breakfast items from our childhood to create toppings for their donuts.

Take, for instance, The Rice Crispy; a fresh brioche doughnut topped Rice Crispy treats

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The Oatmeal (so much more appealing than a bowl of porridge, somehow):

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Or the Wildberry Poptart: PV’s signature brioche filled with a homemade wild berry jam:

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Were you a fan of Golden Grahams or Dunkaroos? The Dunkaroo Donut is topped with Dunkaroo glaze and topped with a cinnamon graham cookie crumb.

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Remember that American brekkie you devoured at Disneyland? Yep… there’s a Maple Bacon donut to honour that too.

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We’re just hoping Ireland’s many donut makers are listening… although Weetabix and Shredded Wheat topped versions don’t sound quite as dreamy.