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22nd Mar 2019

Not just for kids, these mums did their own smash cake birthday photoshoots

Melissa Carton

Let the mammies eat cake!

Smash cake photoshoots have been a popular trend with parents for the last few years…but usually it’s their child in the photos.

Not anymore!

Now mums are getting in on all the baked goodness and their photos are so awesome that they’ve inspired me to do one for my own birthday.

Nothing says another year older like scoffing a big purple birthday cake.

Keeping it pretty in pink with this Minnie Mouse inspired princess theme.

Birthday goals. Get it girl!

This next one in particular really resonated with me.

My sitting room is usually filled with amps and guitars so really all I’d need is some cake and I’d have this recreated in a snap.

I love this idea because let’s face it, mums rarely ever get to be in any photos once we have kids as we’re always the ones taking the picture, so it’s about time we got one of our own!

All mums deserve to feel special on their birthday, especially when they put everyone else before themselves for the better part of the year.

Now if you don’t mind I’m off to book a photographer before all the other mammies beat me to it!