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22nd Sep 2017

Someone has just come up with a vegan hard-boiled egg


Laura Holland

vegan hard-boiled


There are a lot of food substitutes for vegans to help create tasty dishes that non-vegan folk enjoy. But there is still one glaring gap in the market – a hard-boiled egg. It would have seemed nearly impossible to replicate its texture, but it turns out it has been cracked.

Cracked… get it? OK, I’ll stop now.

A group of students in Italy have been working on the concept for their Masters and they’ve apparently developed what they say is a vegan hard-boiled egg. But how, you ask?

According to Food Navigator, it’s made from plant-based ingredients, such as flours from various legumes, vegetable oils, a gelling agent, and salt. Presumably, it tastes different but it’s said to have the same characteristics as the real deal.

The geniuses behind the research are students Francesca Zuccolo, Greta Titton, Arianna Roi and Aurora Gobessi, who are studying their Masters in Food Science and Technology.

Not only is the egg for vegans, but as it doesn’t contain any gluten it would be suitable for coeliacs as well.

The University has confirmed that they are approaching companies in the coming weeks to try and bring the product to market. Here’s hoping it reaches us in Ireland.