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03rd Oct 2020

Stacey Solomon shares the super-easy healthy treat she’s always making for her kids

Stacey Solomon

It looks so YUM.

We love keeping up with mum-of-three and social media sensation Stacey Solomon. Not only is she keeping us entertained with her stream of gorgeous happy family snaps, but she is also forever sharing some pretty darn impressive DIY tricks, cleaning hacks – and super-easy and inspirational meal ideas as well.

This week, the 30-year-old took to Instagram stories to share the easy – yet super-tasty healthy treat she loves making for her three boys – yoghurt bark.

And honestly – it looks SO easy to make, and I love how you can customise the ‘bark’ with whatever you have on hand – nuts, seeds, berries – heck, even chocolate buttons should you feel like a little treat.

In her Instagram story, Stacey shows how she pours out yoghurt into a freezer-friendly dish covered with a sheet of baking paper.

Then she sprinkles in the treats – in Stacey’s case, she went with strawberries, tangerines, dried peaches and pistachios.

Next, into the freezer it goes. Stacey reveals she left it to freeze overnight.

And voila – after letting the yoghurt freeze, the bark is ready to be cut into smaller pieces and served up as a delicious and healthy treat!