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11th May 2017

Have you suffered from Avocado Hand? Apparently it happens a lot

Laura Holland

We’ve all been there when we’ve battled to cut an avocado. It’s either too ripe or too hard.

It usually ends with the avocado going flying or you cutting your hand. Well, at least it has for a lot of people and that’s where the term ‘Avocado Hand’ comes from.

It’s being used by plastic surgeons following a rise in hand injuries due to avocados. According to The Irish Times, Simon Eccles of the British Association of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, has said that he treated up to four patients each week from said injury.

He now believes that avocados should come with a warning, to combat the rise of injuries, saying:

“People do not anticipate that the avocados they buy can be very ripe and there is minimal understanding of how to handle them.

We don’t want to put people off the fruit but I think warning labels are an effective way of dealing with this.”

He’s even gone so far as to give an example of the warning that could be included, adding:

“It needs to be recognisable. Perhaps we could have a cartoon picture of an avocado with a knife, and a big red cross going through it?”