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05th Nov 2018

THIS is how you cut an onion without shedding a single tear

Trine Jensen-Burke

If you are anything like me, you find yourself sobbing into your onions every time you rustle up some dinner.

Seriously, I have tried a lot of stuff to stop my eyes watering when having to chop an onion, but found that either they simply just don’t work, or it just requires so much effort that I’d rather just chop, cry, wipe and be done with it.

But now, thanks to Thrive Market, I think I might just have found the most effective solution to the problem yet – and guess what? It actually worked (and I have tried it twice – just to make sure.)

The best part? It doesn’t require purchasing gadgets or wearing weird goggles—it uses an item that’s already in your freezer: ice.

According to the foodies at Thrive Market, ice could be the key to preventing onion tears. “Hold an ice cube in your mouth while chopping onions to keep your eyes from watering,” they suggest. “Biting into a piece of bread also works for some people.”

How does this work exactly, you may wonder? “Some say that having something in your mouth encourages you to breathe through your mouth,” writes Thrive Market, “sucking in the gasses from the onion that irritate your eyes.”

If you are still not convinced (or have no ice cubes handy), other cooking forums suggest another method that is equally easy peasy. Simply chill onions in the freezer for 10 to 15 minutes before cutting them to reduce the amount of acid enzyme released into the air.

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