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06th Mar 2018

The rumours are true… prosecco WILL get you drunk quicker

Prosecco drunk FTW

Olivia Hayes

Science says so.

We’ve all felt it. We all know it. But now, science can prove it.

If you’re fond of the odd glass(es) of prosecco, then you’ll know that you get get very happy, very quickly.

Well, we all weren’t just imagining it because new research has confirmed that prosecco can get you drunk quicker than most drinks.

The experiment, which actually took place 17 years ago but is now getting brought back up due to the popularity of prosecco, saw 12 people being examined.

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Each were given two glasses of fizz, however, half of the group were given the beverage flat (a whisk was used to take the bubbles out), while the other half were given the booze straight from the bottle.

Each glass was adjusted to the person’s body weight and the results were then monitored.

Dr Ridout, who carried out the study, found was that the alcohol levels of those given the sparkling wine did indeed rise more quickly than those who were drinking the drink flat.

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He further went on to do the same experiment a week later, but switched over the group who got the flat beverage, and the group who got the sparkling drink. The results were the same – those who had the fizzy boose got drunk quicker.

So now, it’s proven the bubbles in prosecco move the alcohol more quickly through the stomach or intestine, and into the bloodstream.

There you have it.