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18th Aug 2020

Say goodbye to sticky hands: This orange peel hack is life-changing

This is madness, it has to stop.

This is not brand new information.

Why do people eat fruit wrong so often? It genuinely upsets me. I’d go so far as to say it upsets me more than people eating peppers as apples, which should be illegal.

I’m here to talk about oranges, and how every single one of us is peeling them wrong. We know how good oranges are for our little ones and Lord knows children love to squish things into oblivion but the stickiness… is there a way to prevent the stickiness that goes along with our favourite citrus snack?

This isn’t a case of my way or the high way, this is a case of my way and the wrong way (please don’t come for me).

There’s a very easy way to access your orange without hectic peeling and sticky hands for days. All you need is a sharp knife. Take the knife, slice the top and the bottom of the orange off.

Then make an incision in the skin, pull apart and in three easy steps you have a perfect strip of orange segments to eat and there’s not a sticky finger in sight.

Not a single segment will be ruined in this process and life as you know it will change forever. The peel now looks like a divine orange caterpillar of sorts and you can get back to worrying about the important things in life!

You’re bloody (orange) welcome.