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09th Mar 2016

Eh… You’ve Been Using OXO Cubes Wrong All Your Life

Katie Mythen-Lynch

They’re a store cupboard essential and have been since their launch in 1910, but there’s a very high likelihood you’ve been opening them the wrong way. 

The little cubes of food flavouring are generally wrapped in foil, which we’ve been delicately tearing open for years in order to sprinkle the crushed powder into soups and casseroles using our fingers.

As it turns out however, we needn’t ever have touched the cube with our digits at all.

As Kasie Riley explains on Facebook, the wrapped cube boasts folded flaps on the side. All you have to do it pull the flaps, crush the cube inside its foil wrapper and sprinkle it from the wrapper to your dish – no chicken fingers required!


Mind. Blown.



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