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30th Mar 2016

We’ve Heard It All Now… Vagina Beer Is A Thing

We’ve heard it all now… there is such a thing as vagina beer.

That’s right, a company has apparently created a beer using the lactic acid bacteria from the vagina of model Alexandra Brendlova.

According to Metro, startup company The Order of Yoni came up with the idea and make the beverage by taking bacteria from the vagina. It then goes to a lab where it is cleaned and multiplied.


It is then combined with other ingredients and the website reports that the creators say there is “no vaginal smell or taste” to the drink.

The Order of Yoni, who have designed a sexually suggestive marketing campaign to go along with their latest product, is looking for €150,000 in donations to bring it to market.

Thankfully, they’ve only managed to raise €11 in six days (which means we should be safe from vagina beer for another while yet).