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17th Jul 2018

Why you should never give your child the same food two days in a row

According to a paediatric nutritionist.

Anna O'Rourke

Why you should never give your child the same food two days in a row

Do you have trouble with your little fussy eater?

Finding something decent that your toddler will eat at all can feel like a challenge but it’s imperative to make sure they eat a variety of good foods.

That’s according to one expert nutritionist, who has shared her top tips on ensuring your child has a balanced diet.

Mandy Sacher, a paediatric nutritionist and bestselling author, says that giving your little one the same thing of breakfast, lunch or dinner for two days in a row will lead to trouble.

“If you keep giving them Vegemite on toast for breakfast, eventually they will want it for lunch and refuse any other sandwich filling,” she told Femail.

“Then, finally they’ll get sick of Vegemite toast and it’ll be ruined and they’ll never want to eat it again.”

Your best bet is to have a base of four meals each that you know they’ll eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner and rotate them, she says.

Parents should aim to introduce a new meal every week and see what works for their child.

It’s also worth praising your child for trying something new and being adventurous with food, she adds.

“You’ll never have a healthy eater if you’re mean to them and force them to eat certain foods.”