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14th Jun 2021

Wine Wand: Apparently this gadget is stopping hangovers

Ellen Fitzpatrick

Finally – a hangover cure.

Hangover cure remedies come and go, there’s always something that starts trending and convinces us that it’s a miracle worker for hangovers.

But people are claiming that this nifty Amazon gadget is reducing their hangovers, and it seems a lot more legitimate than other hangover cures.

The Wand Wine Filter by PureWine is claiming to get rid of that groggy feeling we’ve all experienced that morning after the night before.

Taking away headaches, congestion, flushed skin and stomach pains, this gadget is definitely worth a shot after a night of shots.

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PureWine says that by removing histamines and sulphites from your wine, it purifies the wine in just three minutes, claiming to be the only wine filter to be able to remove both of these.

The wand works on any type of wine you drink, and doesn’t alter anything about it. The same taste and no side effects? Sign us up.

And it’s so simple, all you need to do is pop it in your wine glass, drink away and then throw it away once you’re done.

That’s not all, the wand also has Patented Phoenix technology, which means that it can make open and oxidised wine go back to its original state, so keep any that may be on the counter a bit too long, this can resurrect them.

While the reviews are mixed, with some people saying they are a “miracle”, and others saying that they sometimes work, and others don’t.

One said: “This product is just brilliant. It really does what it says. The advise from the manufacturer says use one wand per glass. However, if you’d like to enjoy / share a full bottle, pour the content of the full bottle into a wine decanter (you can buy one from Amazon), and then immerse the wand for about 10 minutes, give it a little shake and – voila. Works miracles. You’re welcome.”

Another said: “Ive ordered many of these which have been fantastic however the last 3 batches have been ‘dud’ and not worked at all. Terrible reactions to drinking wine. Very disappointing after being able to enjoy wine for a period of time without the side affects and migraines!”