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09th Apr 2020

You only need five ingredients for this delicious Maltesers and Baileys fudge

Cathy Donohue

A five ingredient Baileys and Maltesers fudge… tell us more!

It’s fair to say that there’s a lot of baking at the moment and we’ve spotted enough banana bread to last us a lifetime.

That said, we’re all for the easy and effortless treats where you don’t have to worry about the mixture rising or the end product burning to a crisp, far from ideal.

Enter slow cooker fudge which features the most delicious combination of Baileys and Maltesers.

If you’re looking for an Easter desert, this could well be it – we’re drooling just looking at it.

This one featured on the Slow Cooker Recipes and Tips Facebook group and we’re all kinds of obsessed.

This particular page has almost 400,000 followers and it’s all about what you can make at home with your slow cooker, perfect timing for quarantine.

It’s already been picked up by a number of publications and between the delicious ingredients and simple method, we’re definitely planning on making this at the weekend.

In addition to Baileys and Maltesers, you’ll need condensed milk, milk chocolate and some vanilla essence – the five ingredient method is one we could get used to.

The recipe is explained in-depth here together with exact quantities and it really is simple to manage.

You start by adding your condensed milk, vanilla essence and milk choccolate to your slow cooker on high heat – stirring at regular intervals is key.

After about an hour, all should be good and you’ll turn off your slow cooker, adding your Baileys.

Next, the mixture goes into a lined baking tin. Then you’ll add your Maltesers before leaving in the fridge to set overnight.

With recipes like that, we’ll be following this page from here on in.

We imagine this will be quite the hit with your family/partner/housemates/whoever you happen to be isolating with.