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11th Oct 2019

This fun colour-in wallpaper is perfect for kids who just love to draw on the walls

Melissa Carton

Do your kids love to doodle on the walls?

My youngest child is currently two and is apparently an artist in the making.

Absolutely every single wall in the house has some kind of scribble or drawing on it and just when you think you’ve cleaned them all, another one appears.

The day that she got a hold of markers was the most difficult. The entire sitting room had to be re-painted.

If you have the same problem then this colour-in wallpaper might just be the answer.

This colour-in wallpaper from Graham & Brown is the perfect solution to any wall drawing woes.

Available from Amazon it is designed by illustrator Lizzie Mary Cullen for children to let their imaginations loose.

As well as being great for little fingers who love to get artistic with the walls this type of wallpaper is also perfect for children with sensory conditions or for those who suffer from anxiety.

The wall paper costs €29 and comes highly rated from other customers who have bought it who gave it five stars and noted it’s good quality.

Graham & Brown also do a wide variety of other colour-in designs as well as some for adults which you can browse here.