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28th Nov 2021

All you need to wrap gifts is a roll of brown paper – and here is why

Trine Jensen-Burke

All you need to wrap gifts is a roll of brown paper – and here is why

Homemade is better – always.

Because sure you can buy super-fancy, glossy wrapping paper in pretty much every shop. But did you know that brown paper is not only far more gentle on the environment – but is also perfect all year around, meaning you don’t have to keep buying different paper for different occasions, saving both the planet and your wallet.

And don’t for a second think that brown paper is too plain to use for gifts.

Nope, just look at these amazing ideas a quick Pinterest search yielded:

1. Painted ribbons

Well, this could hardly be any easier to do, yet looks utterly impressive.

2. A touch of greenery

We love how simple this idea is: Just while paint splatters, DIY tags and a tiny little branch of winter greens.

3. Add a paper snowflake

If you don’t remember how to cut snowflakes from your years in primary school, there are always Youtube videos. Loads of them…

4. With a star

Easy – yet incredibly effective.

5. Light it up

You can paint the bulbs, or get the kids to add their thumb-prints – which we think is an even sweeter idea.

6. Add a branch

Twine for tying, and a touch of greenery is all you need.

7. For little ones

This might just be the cutest wrapping idea we’ve ever seen.

8. Say it with candy canes

Add a sweet touch to your presents this year.

9. A little bit of neon

Teens and tweens would no doubt appreciate this cool wrapping.

10. Cut out some characters

Minimum input for maximum effect – and seriously cute.