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30th Aug 2023

People call for child-free flights after kids ‘incredibly annoying’ hat keeps them awake


It hasn’t even been half a day since we reported that one airline is planning on bringing in ‘child-free’ zones onto their airline.

While we don’t know how well that would actually go down, it might not be the worst idea after you hear this story.

All parents know the struggle of travelling with children, especially on flights. The stress of them crying, the constant stream of entertainment and the refusal to fall asleep.

While we all aim to keep our children entertained for the duration of any flight, this parent may have taken things a little bit too far when they allowed their child to wear a light-up hat flashing for an entire flight.

Whether you’re a parent or not, I think we can all agree that a light-up hat on a late-night flight is not the most pleasant experience.

Footage of the incident has been posted online and shows a group of passengers trying to get settled on their flight when the lights are low, only to see a child ruining the moment with the hat flashing lights in every colour imaginable.


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As you’d assume, most people didn’t react well to the incident and begged someone to say something to the child’s parents.

Many criticised the parents over the incident, with one commenter saying: “Absolutely not. While the parents might think this is cute what about people with medical issues?”

Another said: “May cause an epileptic to have seizures, so it’s not cute. Educate yourself and your kids. The world doesn’t revolve around you.”

A third added: “If the parent refuses to take that off the child then the child is going to learn the truth about Santa, the Easter bunny and the tooth fairy all in under 6 minutes.”

A fourth penned: “How about you don’t travel with kids if they can’t act normal. Too much to ask?”