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30th Aug 2023

This was the most popular baby name in each country this year

The year may not be over just yet but the results are in and we already know what the most popular baby names around the world are.

Letter Solver has come up with a list of the most popular names given to baby boys and girls in each country over the last 12 months, after carrying out research into each country’s native language.

The research found that names with strong religious links are still dominating around the world, with variations of Maria, Marie and Mia being some of the most popular.

When it came to boys’ names, variations on Mohammed are still the strongest and the name itself remains one of the most popular in the world.

The most popular boy’s names in European and other Western countries:

  • Australia: Oliver
  • Austria: Paul
  • Belgium: Noah
  • Croatia: Luka
  • Denmark: William
  • England and Wales: Noah
  • Estonia: Robin
  • Finland: Leo
  • France: Léo
  • Germany: Noah
  • Hungary: Levente
  • Ireland: Jack
  • Northern Ireland: James
  • Italy: Leonardo
  • Netherlands: Noah
  • Portugal: Francisco
  • Poland: Antoni:
  • Romania: Andrei
  • Scotland: Noah
  • Spain: Martin
  • U.S: Liam

The most popular girl’s names in European and other Western countries:

  • Austria: Maria:
  • Australia: Isla
  • Belgium: Olivia
  • Croatia: Mia
  • Denmark: Ella
  • England and Wales: Olivia
  • Estonia: Mia
  • Finland: Olivia
  • France: Jade
  • Germany: Emilia
  • Hungary: Hanna
  • Ireland: Emily
  • Northern Ireland: Grace
  • Italy: Sofia
  • Netherlands: Emma
  • Portugal: Maria
  • Poland: Zofia
  • Romania: Maria
  • Scotland: Olivia
  • Spain: Lucia
  • U.S: Olivia



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