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10th Sep 2023

‘I overheard school staff talking about my child – what do I do?’

A mum revealed that she overheard staff at her child’s school gossiping about her son and is hoping to get some advice on her next steps.

The mum took to Reddit to share that she volunteers at her child’s school and on the first day back for staff, she was at the school to help sell uniforms.

Staff and teachers were in a meeting when the incident occurred, leading to the mum being heartbroken over the comments made.

The woman revealed that her son was heading into his third year of primary school and had been diagnosed with ADHD, so she was more worried about him than other parents.

Her son had attended a different school for his first year and was labelled a “bad kid” and was shunned by his peers, often leaving him coming home crying.

Following a fresh start in this new school, teachers accommodated his needs but now he is transitioning to a new part of the school, with new staff looking out for him.

The mum said staff were gossiping about many of the children at the school, but especially those who received more assistance – like her son.

She said: “I understand these jobs can be stressful and we all need to vent, but considering we’ve just had a summer break and they haven’t seen these children in weeks, I think some of these people truly have contempt for the students they’re supposed to help.”

She then noted that one teacher in particular said: “Good luck with my child this year. He’s always getting into something and doesn’t know how to shut up or listen. I’m glad I don’t have to deal with him this year.”

Another parent volunteering also overheard this being said and told the mum that she had every right to be angry and she would be supported in confronting them.

Later, the mum did confront the teacher and told him that her son, and others in his position, were trying their best and should not be shunned for that – to which he backtracked and tried to cover it up as a joke.

She concluded: “The thought of him being treated badly before he even gets to make an impression is heartbreaking.”